Thursday, August 12, 2010

Phun with Phriends

This last week we had some friends up for a long overdue visit. The visit began, though, with a trip down to LA last weekend. On our way we stopped in and had a picnic lunch with Grandpa D. in Bakersfield. Here is Rach up in a tree posing for a picture that was taken while giant tree ants were beginning to crawl on her feet. What a brave soul (note that Linds and Eve are not in the tree with her)!

What an awesome Dad! Who else would let his daughter shove water bottles up his sleeves and then pose for a photo with said daughter? He kept saying, "This is what your Mom's shoulders looked like in the 80's."

The girls and their Grandpa. Yep, he's still got it after all these ears!

Well, we made it down to LA and back with the P. girls in one piece. When we got home we found that our tomato plants (or trees, rather) had produced some 8 trays of tomatoes while we were gone! Well, you know how the saying goes; when life gives you tomatoes you make ketchup (it doesn't quite have the same ring to it). I think that M. should become a professional tomato model...she makes them look so good!

Ketchup step 4 of 5,000.

Evening walks are a summer tradition. I think Dad is outnumbered a lot!

Here is the obligatory jumping shot. M. looks sick and Linds looks like she needs a back adjustment.

On Tuesday the girls took a trip up to Yosemite to enjoy God's amazing creation. This is the epic shot, and we were supposed to look natural....nice try Eve!

Eve stumbled upon a little friend in the park, and decided to keep her. Isn't she cute?

The giant granite boulders of Yosemite NP make for the best jungle gym ever! The park is one giant playground!

Here's the gang (minus 1) wading in the freezing river. Once you got used to the aches and the numbness it wasn't that bad!

Rach became a professional carrot sculptress on the 2 hr. drive back from Yosemite. She made snowmen, ice cream cones, canoes, and dog bones. Brilliant or choose?

Lasagna was made and M. was careful to protect her eyes from the dreaded (albeit, delicious) onions.

Dad oversaw the whole process with an approving eye...or is that a critical eye? I can't tell.

E. made the lasagna! Here she is with the finished product.

We threw a little bit of dancing into the week just for good measure. This is the Virginia Reel being danced to "Do You Know". I think it's time to schedule an English Country Dance with modern music...what do you think?

Thanks P. family for letting us borrow the girls for a week. We had a blast. When are you coming up again?


  1. Phinally phrequent phindings phrom phriends philling phantastic phun philled phestivities phor reading!

  2. Looks like fun!!! :-) And a country dance to modern music sounds... Interesting! ;-) And fun! I'd come! :-)

  3. Mr. Schroeder wearing flip-flops while Lindsey wears none?! Unheard of! Anyway, looks like you all had a blast. God bless!

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